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Medal Winning Rowing Skiffs made in New Zealand

Laszlo Boats

Laszlo offers a range of boats for all levels of rowing ability. Some of the best athletes in the world have tested and proven our shapes and moulds. We manufacture at the centre of rowing in New Zealand. Medal-winning boat types help create the best result possible from your personal efforts and performance.

We can combine our
Single, Double | Pair, Four | Quad, and Eight | Octuple hulls with a variety accessories and fittings in order to construct the ideal boat tailored for your needs. Japanese carbon and Nomex Honeycomb guarantee stiffness, core strength, and high-quality results. We support 'New Zealand made' and source our materials through local businesses that are leaders in their field.


We believe in business synergy. Our suppliers are a great source of high-quality materials, customer service, and inspiration. We work with businesses that are passionate about rowing and stand for the same values and principles as we do: creating world-class customer experience and service with world-leading technology and design. We carry a wide selection of products to make it easy for you to choose your accessories according to your needs.

BAT Logic – ShoePlate Pro Quickrelease. We're proud New Zealand partners of this innovative company.

Concept2 – Oars that reach Olympic medals.

Nielsen-Kellerman – Electronics to empower your performance.

Rowing Shoes: Project B, Ankaa

Fittings and Repairs

The Laszlo team undertakes repairs, insurance, maintenance jobs, complete refurbishments, and touch-ups on a weekly basis. We can complete entire boat-shed repairs in 8-to-10 working days, including correct core and carbon-fibre patches, paint preparation, touch-ups, and total respray if necessary.
Sustainability is one of our core values. We build our stiff, sleek, and slim hulls for longevity and endurance. We also help the rowing community with networking, enabling previously loved boats to find their way to their new crews. If you're looking to sell or buy a boat, posting this on our website is a good place to start. If you want to sell, send us an email with a photo of your boat with specifications. If you're looking for a specific boat for your fleet, send us your requirements and we'll add it to our Shop Page. For more information click HERE.

How to place an order

Order your boats in five easy steps:

  1. Request a quote online or via email or place an order directly, using our interactive, easy-to-use order form.
  2. Fill out the spec sheet if you want us to customise your order, or just choose one of our standard options.
  3. Specify an agreed delivery date and time.
  4. We custom-build your boat according to your specifications and deliver it on time.
  5. Get out on the water in your brand-new Laszlo boat.


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