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Project Albatross

The launch of our bow mounted carbon rigger marks the next evolutionary step for our team. Manufactured in our factory; designed, moulded and prototyped by the incredible team at Emirates Team New Zealand. 

Because if you want to be the best, you work with the best.

No Rust Slides

No Rust Slides
endurance. longevity.

endurance. longevity.

New Carbon Laszlo Boats NZ Moulds

Our latest Pair | Double hull shape development

Laszlo CNC Machine

For continuous development programs and every day production.

Surge Testing with Jordan Parry

Custom Painted Boats

Rowing boat design has traditionally tended to be on the conservative side. Most of our clients paint their boats in line with their school or club's colour scheme, we can provide this with a world-class finish using only the highest quality workmanship and materials. We have also sensed an increase in demand for strikingly original paintjobs that help to express the rower's personality. A boat, after all, is an extension of each athlete's body, so it's not surprising that an increasing number of athletes want to express their attachment and connectedness to their equipment visually. A good paintjob should be like personalised war paint. Here at Laszlo Boats we encourage our customers to embrace their inner power and express the difference that makes each of us unique. We invite artists to partake in collaborations with the athletes to create boats that are powerful in appearance as well as construction. We encourage and assist athletes to be original and to be the first.

Boat Trade-In Services

Laszlo Boats has launched New Zealand's first Boat Trade-In service. The ultimate goal of this unique approach to boat servicing is to help rowing organisations at every level and background to have the highest quality rowing equipment possible. You can trade your old boat in for a brand-new Laszlo Boat, enabling you increase sustainability and reduce waste for a greener world. We'll value your boat based on independent insurance principles and deduct its monetary value off your new Laszlo hull. We'll then refurbish your previously loved boats, depending on their condition, and sell them second-hand to those with tight budgets or convert them into unique rowing furniture through the skills of Four Leaf, our local furniture artist.

Boat Trade-In Terms and Conditions Apply

Rigtec Engineering

Rigtec Engineering has been catering to the needs of rowers at the club, school, and elite levels for more than 30 years by specifically developing their unique products for everyone's requirements. Manufacturing in New Zealand's sunniest location, Rigtec's aim is to understand customer needs fully and to provide each customer with a product that matches its purpose in quality and price. Whether that is a replacement of an existing part or something completely unique, the team at Rigtec will respond creatively to your individual specifications.

Business Model Innovation - Trade Ins

BAT Logic

BAT is an acronym for bio altus teneo, which means a superior understanding of the body's workings. BAT Logic products and knowledge help to enhance the entire rowing club experience while helping individuals reach their full potential and reducing the risk of injury. The ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease, ErgAdaptor and Nike Omada shoes with CustomPack option offer improved ease of use where everyone can use their own shoes in any boat or erg, increased performance, reduced injury, enhanced stability and connection and better hygiene. BAT Logic provides accessible performance gains for beginners right up to Olympic Gold Medal winners.
Laszlo Boats is a proud New Zealand partner.

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