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2019 Aon Maadi Cup News

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Laszlo Boats NZ, dominates New Zealand rowing in 2019. Maadi Cup is the largest secondary school level sports event in the Southern Hemisphere, with over 2100 athletes competing for victory, medals and ultimately, the prestigious Maadi Cup.

Since taking over from KIRS in late 2015, we have been developing the original boat moulds, constantly looking to find improvements and to keep kiwi boat manufacturers at the top end of the business.

This year, we not only helped Christchurch Boys’ win the Maadi Cup, but we also took home all the other prestigious cups, with different schools and crews triumphing in the Levin Jubilee, Dawn Cup, and Springbok Shield.
Winning all of the U18 four major trophies, and an overall 10 golds out of the 12 of the U18 senior titles available, is an achievement that no other boat manufacturer has been able to claim before. Earlier this year we also helped both the men’s and women’s Premier Eights succeed in claiming the National titles at the New Zealand National Championships. This year’s outstanding performances have clearly demonstrated that a Waikato based company deserves to be competing on the highest international level.
 ‘Three and a half years after coming into existence, we finally have been able to prove that New Zealand’s still got it.’ – Laszlo says. ‘We intend to build on this success and with a new research and development plan, further extend and hopefully take our knowledge overseas‘– he adds.
Thanks to the success of Laszlo Boats NZ, it’s obvious that Waipa is undoubtedly the centre of New Zealand rowing, not only in terms of producing the best athletes in the world, but also at producing the world-class rowing skiffs they need to perform.
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