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We’re thrilled to welcome our new Double-Olympic-Gold special agent to our team. Laszlo HQ is sending him on a mission to lead our sales department and mercilessly eliminate any obstacles our customers may have with their fleets. He has incredible field experience that will enable him to provide practical advice and creative ideas around our upcoming research and development programme. As half of the unbeaten The Kiwi Pair he aligns perfectly with our work ethic; like us he doesn’t stop when he’s tired. He stops when he’s done.
His name is Eric. Eric Murray. He likes his coffee stirred. Not shaken.


The Laszlo Boat Auction aims to create a unique space where people can trade second-hand boats efficiently and entertainingly. We therefore invite all coaches and officials to our Boat Auction at the Don Rowlands Centre on Wednesday of 2017 Aon Maadi Cup week (29 March). 
We’ll be showcasing the available used boats from all around New Zealand and introducing the available second-hand plants, based on the information coaches have provided us in advance. Boat Auction day doesn’t have to be deal-closing day, but it’s a perfect time for having a squizz at what’s available, for people interested in buying to express interest, and to exchange contact details and start conversations with sellers. The actual sales can wait until later in the week, or even after Maadi, once both parties reach a mutually satisfying agreement and are ready to go ahead with the sale.

Laszlo Boats will help people exchange information and create opportunities, but we’ll charge no commission or fee on sales. We will, of course, offer repair and refurbishment services if you require them.  

Do you have a boat to sell?
If you're interested in selling one of your boats, please send:

(a) photos of the boat,
(b) the boat’s condition: mint | good | okay | needs care | poor,
(c) a short description of the boat and its history,
(d) the boat’s availability status,

(e) price positioning: reserve price, no reserve price, buy now price,
and (f) your contact details
to Vera at: info@laszloboatsnz.com

Are you looking to buy something in particular?
Please send:

(a) the type, size, and weight range of the boat you’re seeking,
(b) the condition boat you’re looking for: mint | good | okay | need care | poor,
(c) your degree of urgency: yesterday, soon, just whenever,
and (d) your contact details

to Vera: info@laszloboatsnz.com

When: Wednesday, 29 March 2017 after the last race
Where: Don Rowlands Centre, Laszlo space

We’ll provide Beverages & Banter


Nurturing athletes' skills and their passion for the sport


We aim to bring people who're passionate about fine art and people who are passionate about rowing into the same room to help raise awareness of the correlation between creativity and rowing, and to express the sport's aesthetic beauty. Having the rowers themselves portray this beauty does this with the added medium of integrity. Our goal is to support these dedicated young athletes by involving them in various 'thinking-outside-of-the-box' approaches to the sport. All the income these paintings might generate will be theirs.

Where: Sir Don Rowlands Centre, Laszlo space 
When: 27 March - 2 April, 2017
The Art of Rowing Exhibtion
Great to see a New Course Record 5:32:85 for the Premier Men's 8+ with our L17.5 shape (KIRS/Laszlo)
Lake Ruataniwha, 2017 New Zealand Rowing Championship
Congratulations to the athletes competing at the 2017 New Zealand Rowing Champs!
Massive thanks to all the coaches and crews who believe in and support New Zealand made products!
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