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Laszlo 'Lez' Kertesz

The name of the person behind the operations. Laszlo has been Kiwi International Rowing Skiff's (KIRS) main builder since 2006. After KIRS went into receivership in 2015, Laszlo purchased its assets and established Laszlo Boats New Zealand.
Being on the water has been his passion ever since he was born – oh, wait! Even pre-natal, considering that his mum was in a rowing boat while she was pregnant.
Lez enjoys rowing boats as well as building them. His favourite row was a piddling 172 km in a single scull on the River Danube on an insanely early August morning. Long distance races plus long working hours equals one determined and crazy-about-rowing soul.

Gary Robertson

World-class boat building requires a person who actually knows what it feels like to win that gold. Our very own Olympic champion, Gary Robertson understands what athletes need to transform their training into success. In addition to knowing how to fit riggers Gary also possesses the X-factor of insight into the minds of athletes. It's a great privilege having him on board.

Eric Murray

We're thrilled to welcome our new Double-Olympic-Gold special agent to our team. Laszlo HQ is sending him on a mission to lead our sales department and mercilessly eliminate any obstacles our customers may have with their fleets. He has incredible field experience that will enable him to provide practical advice and creative ideas around our upcoming research and development programme. As part of the unbeaten The Kiwi Pair he aligns perfectly with our work ethic; like us he doesn't stop when he's tired. He stops when he's done.
His name is Eric. Eric Murray. He likes his coffee stirred. Not shaken.

Vera Bucsu

Vera is the one making all the art happen around the factory, and, let's face it, around the world. She also keeps the quirkiness level high, whether whipping up a PR or marketing initiative, designing logos, printing whatever needs printing on glossy paper, or drawing a funny cartoon or comic strip, Vera has it sorted. Of course she has us sorted as well.

George Finn Howard

Massive shout out to former Westlake Boys', 2 x U23 World Champion, and recovering NZ athlete rowing extraordinaire Finn Howard.Finn has been a terrific help around boat logistics for the World Masters Games, and he's been helping things get done here in the factory as well. Finn is recovering from an injury so we don't know for how long he's going to brighten up our days / drive us mad with his cheeky / annoying humor [otherwise known as great banter] (#winkyfacewinkyface) but one thing is for sure, here at Laszlo's 'there's just no finn-replacement for this one, aye'.#athletefriendlynetwork

Ben van Dalen

Charlie Rogerson


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